Launched 2012
2012 - Launched 2012
FlightHub is an industry leader in the online travel industry. Launched in 2012, FlightHub quickly rose to become one of North America’s most successful online travel agencies. With four global offices and 400 people strong, FlightHub proudly serves over 1 million Canadians each year.
2014 - Launched 2014
Launched in 2014, Justfly was created by a team of technology experts with years of experience in the travel industry. Focused in the US market, Justfly.com is second to none when it comes to issuing low cost tickets while providing a user-friendly and efficient environment. Partnering with over 400 airlines, Justfly.com delivers incredible travel options at the best prices possible.
Launched 2014
Launched 2015
2015 - Launched 2015
Launched in 2015, Alio is an online travel agency offering flights and hotels to the American market. Poised to take the US online travel marketplace by storm, Alio is built on the solid foundation pioneered by Flighthub and its proven online travel business model.
2015 - Launched 2014
Launched in 2014,Summit Services serves as the backbone for online enterprises. Using its mastery in customer experience, fraud management, and analytics, Summit Services uses their expertise to bridge the gap between technology and operations management.
Launched 2014

A media-based affiliate advertising network and platform.
Features over 2000 promoting affiliates and customized advertising units.
Launched in 2011, sold in 2012.
A subscription-based online venue for movies and entertainment.
Second to only Netflix in the highly-contested online movie streaming marketplace.
Developed and launched in 2010, sold in 2012.