Momentum Ventures Attends X-1 Accelerator Demo Day

On September 9th, Momentum Ventures attended the first annual X-1 Accelerator Demo Day at Club Soda in Downtown Montreal. The event, which was hosted by McGill University and the Dobson Centre, brought together both participants of the Dobson Cup and X-1 Accelerator program to show off their unique startups.

The eight participating startups are just a small sample of the success these two institutions have reaped over the last six years. According to event organizers, these two high-end programs have produced 133 startups, employing over 660 young developers, marketers, and more. The programs themselves have also experienced a large amount of growth with program applications increasing by nearly 70% year-over-year. In total, three of the participating startups were Dobson Cup alumni, with the remaining five being X-1 Accelerator program members.


The startups on display at Club Soda varied greatly from garment makers to nanotechnology and pharmaceutical labs. First up was Tailor2Go, a portable, body-scanning tailor that guarantees a perfect fit. Having already had a large amount of success with this venture, Founder Nathan Kong had no issues confidently discussing his innovative retail business model which removes the need to alter and size clothing within a traditional retail setting while providing customers access to perfectly tailored suits. Sticking with retail, Chic Marie has a plan to make business women’s fashion lives much easier. Their unlimited closet solution allows women to easily receive new designer clothes at home where they can either purchase or return the items at will, eliminating the need to take time to go shopping for business attire and removing the hassle of returning items to various online stores.

E-Innovation was next. Their chemical sensing technology could revolutionize the way medications are tested before being sent to market, preventing potential wide scale medical emergencies and saving pharmaceutical firms billions of dollars in lost product and recall costs. Likewise, Ananda promised to help pharmaceutical firms better test new medications and treatments by using nanotechnology to create more stable and honest testing environments. Sensequake hopes to alter the medical field in a different way by improving the manner in which buildings are prepared for earthquakes to both improve building integrity and prevent greater loss of life during such catastrophes.

On the lighter side, Haply combines the science of haptic technology and fun to produce unique tablet experiences ranging from gaming to accessibility services. Their “pong-like” demo was a blast to play on the show floor. Continuing on the side of good humour, Silent Disco Squad plans to bring unique silent disco parties to public places using technology.

Lastly, Ahvoda is Uber for student looking for on-demand work. Using their app platform, someone can easily find a work shift in a restaurant or kitchen and be paid the same day using the apps built-in payment platform.

Momentum Ventures was happy to attend the X-1 Accelerator Demo Day. The event itself was a lot of fun and gave Momentum Ventures a look into the world of these young and aspiring entrepreneurs. Momentum Ventures looks forward to becoming more involved with events such as these in the near future and will soon be announcing its own programs and events to help stimulate the technology community at home in Montreal and abroad.