Momentum Ventures Launches New Website

Momentum Ventures is excited to unveil its new website! Designed in conjunction with Montreal design firm Baldgorilla, the new website features an all new design, introduces the Momentum Ventures challenge, and all-in-all unveils a new rebranding that is more in-line with Momentum Ventures’ values as a company.

The website redesign was a very necessary project. Simply looking at where the website was to what it has become makes that quite evident. One large step was for Momentum Ventures to embrace its past. While the original site focused almost entirely on FlightHub, we felt it was time to celebrate the longevity of our success with the inclusion of our past properties. In addition to this major shift, we have incorporated a new and more modern design that does a better job of introducing you not just to the businesses we have built, but also the way we work and operate as an organization.

As we mentioned, the new website features and introduces our brand new challenge page. This challenge is geared towards the best and brightest entrepreneurs looking to take their careers to the next level. We will be awarding selected candidates with the opportunity to work full-time at Momentum Ventures and receive a minimum of 500K towards a new business. All that is required is for the candidates to be qualified, and that they complete our online form. This form will ask potential leaders about their business and real life success stories. From there Momentum Ventures will evaluate all entrants and move forward with the interview process.

Lastly, our new site now truly reflects our values. While previously we spoke about the eight core values that governed Momentum Ventures, we have boiled all those down into our new and very straightforward value statement:

Momentum Ventures

No fluff, no filler, And, frankly, no filter. This is the core of what Momentum Ventures is about. We hope you enjoy the first of many blogs from me on the new Momentum Ventures site.