Momentum Ventures In The News – March 4

FlightHub and JustFly were both featured in multiple publications this week. From futuristic tech, to mac n’ cheese, both companies had something to say online.


Techsling spoke with JustFly regarding the future of airport and airplane technology.

While the rate in which bags get lost or misplaced has dropped significantly over the decades, it is still a possibility in today’s streamlined airports. One way this can be avoided, or at least corrected, is using tagging. While some more advanced companies are getting ahead of this, it is believed that bluetooth tagging could become a standard practice in the world of luggage, allowing all bags to be tracked in real-time as they make their way around a busy airport. The big obstacle to this is who will manage this. While some luggage makers are designing this technology themselves, it is also believed that airports should share the burden of developing this kind of technology as well.


FlightHub was asked about what tech you need to bring along to help you work abroad.

Another well-regarded tool for those who love to take their work with them. The Intel Compute Stick is a computer the size of a typical jump drive. But how does it work? You simply plug it into the HDMI port on any TV and connect your Bluetooth mouse and keyboard. This gives you a fully functioning computer no matter where you are, provided you have access to a TV that supports HDMI connections. There are all kinds of models and configurations, allowing you to custom-build your own computing solution. Be careful though, these obviously aren’t the most powerful computers so FlightHub recommends maybe vouching for one of the higher performance models if you are considering the Intel Compute Stick.

Frontiers Unrated

I love mac n’ cheese, you love mac n’ cheese, enough said.

Canadians love macaroni and cheese. So much so, that it’s estimated Canadians buy almost 1.7 million boxes of Kraft Dinner every week to consume. That’s a lot of macaroni! If you asked a Canadian why they’re so obsessed with this little blue box of cheesy heaven, most will tell you that it’s a reflective of their childhood, and associates the food with good and happy memories. No matter the reason, it’s safe to say that any cheese lover definitely needs to find their way to this festival!