Momentum Ventures In The News – March 11

Momentum Ventures two biggest brands, JustFly and FlightHub, were featured on several news websites this week. In addition to tech-centric websites, we were asked about how to rule Instagram, and major sporting events in Canada.


TravelTipy asked JustFly about some of Canada’s biggest sporting attractions. This comes as Montreal, Momentum Ventures’ hometown, prepares for their annual Blue Jays exhibition game at the Olympic Stadium.

Off the ice, Canada can hold their own too. While baseball is America’s national pastime, the MLB’s World Series was won on the Canadian side of the border in 1992 and 1993 by The Toronto Blue Jays. Founded in 1977, Toronto’s boys of Summer have bounced back into the limelight thanks to the excitement generated by their 2015 season.

Cosmos Mariners

Killing it on Instagram. An art? A responsibility? Regardless, FlightHub was asked how to own Instagram while walking the streets of Montreal.

For the most famous view, hike up Mont Royal and hit up the Chalet. There you’ll find a beautiful paved lookout point equipped with tower viewers at your disposal. This is a very popular spot for tourists which means it may be difficult to get the best shot you’re looking for.


On-board airplane tech was the focus of this story by TechDissected. As a bunch of tech nerds, JustFly was keen to look into the future and see what the future holds.

On the topic of in-flight entertainment, another cool piece of tech dug up usingJustFly’s review is augmented display windows. With electronic displays evolving seemingly all the time, carriers have investigated the feasibility of incorporating touch displays into the windows of aircraft. These displays would be used for entertainment purposes, but also for providing passengers with information such as airspeed, location, and GPS location. While this may cut out some good views, these changes would go hand in hand with the establishment of designated viewing areas, allowing for larger panoramic views.