Momentum Ventures In The News – January 8

Momentum Ventures hopes everyone had a great New Year. FlightHub got off to strong start to 2016 and hopes to continue into the new year. Check out Momentum Ventures in the news this week!


Featured in GeekWire again, FlightHub was asked about the four best benefits of travel for both the traveller and the economy at large.

Call it a paid vacation

Without the tourism industry, it is estimated most Americans would pay an additional $1000 in taxes each year. So, consider your vacation budget an obligation to your country.

Natural Blaze

Natural Blaze took on medical with the insight of FlightHub.

Now, people who think of medical tourism and are skeptics are probably imagining the same thing. A dark room, primitive tools, and a mechanic who moonlights as a doctor. FlightHub is happy to report that this is not the case according to medical travellers. The biggest factor in the rise of medical tourism isn’t saving money, it’s about the rise of medical systems in foreign countries. There are numerous countries out there that 20 years ago you would be nervous to get stitches in that now boast ultra modern and clean facilities staffed by professional doctors and nurses using high tech equipment. In fact, many developing countries have more efficient medical systems than those found in first world countries, allowing them to expedite care for medical tourists in comparison to wait times back home.


Lastly, FlightHub provided Triphackr with a list of the best travel apps for use both offline and online wherever you are.

Field Trip By Google

Field Trip by Google is the Google Now of travel. This recommendation software suggests attractions you may like based on categories you select and your location. Field Trip isn’t limited to simply finding attractions, as the app taps into different publications to find events and attractions as well as music apps to help you find timely local shows and events.