Momentum Ventures In The News – January 22

This past week featured a lot of good for Momentum Ventures, led by FlightHub. The top three articles this week came from varied sources. These sites included Pin The Map Project, Drink Tea Travel, and Enjoy The Journey.

Pin The Map Project

In this article we answered the age old question. How does one find cheap flights.

Fly Off Season

This one can be tough for many folks who are stuck on a regular work or school schedule, but ultimately the best time to fly is when no one else is. Airlines are desperate to fill up their seats, so take advantage of these unconventional travel times. FlightHub encourages you to create fare alerts and watch for price drops as airlines try to sell you the best deal.

Drink Tea Travel

We talked about the country of Brazil and its can’t miss destinations.

The most iconic landmark in Rio is the Christ the Redeemer statue that sits atop the Corcovado Mountain. The mountain, which translates from Portuguese as ‘hunchback’ stands at an impressive 710m tall and is just west of the city center. As the tallest monument in the world, FlightHub marks this site as a must-see while in Rio.


Enjoy The Journey

Lastly, we spoke with Enjoy The Journey about ethical travel practices.

FlightHub suggests consulting Hosteling International’s Sustainability winners and see for yourself which establishments have embraced the eco-tourism movement. If you don’t see an establishment you like, or if they’re all booked, fear not, FlightHub has some easy tips to remember when trying to keep green when travelling like not changing your sheets or towels until your stay is over. Though there’s nothing quite like fresh towels and a perfectly turned down bed, opting to save your linens until you’re your stay is over is a great way to save water and other energy costs.