Momentum Ventures In The News – January 15

Momentum Ventures was featured heavily in the news in the second week of January as the office cranked back into full power. While FlightHub was featured in many publications, the top three publishers this week were Baron Mag, Drink Tea Travel, and Odd Culture.

Baron Mag

In Baron Mag FlightHub was asked about its favourite Montreal borough for a news story. So, we obliged, giving them a list of reasons why you need to visit the up and coming area of St-Henri.

What makes St. Henri one of the most interesting areas of Montreal—and one of the main reasons why FlightHub loves the borough—is the way it’s come into the future, while not forgetting its past. Traditionally known as a French and Irish-immigrant, working-class neighborhood, St. Henri’s charm and character comes from the grit and hard work of those that called this neighborhood home. Equipped with iconic Montreal-style homes with intricate mansard roofs and authentic glass windows, the neighborhood is a time portal from the busy, urban jungle of Montreal. In addition to the homes, the beautiful and historic Art Deco-designed fire station is an iconic landmark of St. Henri, emphasizing the timelessness of the borough.

Drink Tea Travel

Mmm, culinary articles. For Drink Tea Travel we were asked about our favourite Columbian cuisine.

Get your sweet tooth shined up and ready to go with one of FlightHub’s (and Colombia’s) favourite desserts: Tamal with Chocolate. With a base of cooked yellow corn dough, feast yourself on the delicious dessert drizzled with chocolate. Though Tamals can be eaten in a variety of different ways, FlightHub suggests adding this not-so-small dessert to the end of your meal, letting you feel full and sleepy for all that warm chocolate!

Odd Culture

Lastly, my favourite piece of news this week. This story for Odd Culture was about bizarre state animals and symbols. It’s not often we get the chance to talk about unicorns and other mythical beasts, so, enjoy!

A legend in Portugal, the Rooster Of Barcelos is tied directly to a folk story in Portugal according to FlightHub. After the robbery of silver in Barcelos, the residents were looking for someone to blame. A man from out of town who was passing through was suspected and convicted of the crime despite his pleas to the contrary. He requested to meet the judge in the case. When his request was granted, he visited the judge in his home. The judge at the time was having a banquet and the convicted man noticed a roasted bird on a platter. The convicted man said the rooster would crow upon his hanging. Placing the plate aside, the rooster came to life and crowed at the time of the man’s hanging. Luckily this has a happy ending, as a malfunction allowed the man to survive the hanging and a legend was born. The story is commemorated with a statue and the distinction of being one of Portugal’s national animals.