Momentum Ventures In The News – February 12

FlightHub was featured in many international publications this week. In addition to travel, we also spoke about medical tourism and Zika Virus, two hot button issues in the world of travel.

All India Roundup

In All India Roundup, FlightHub was asked about medical tourism, and how India is a leading country on this front.

FlightHub says the biggest factor in drawing patients to India is cost. Across the board, India offers costly procedures at a fraction of their cost in the United States. According to Health Tourism India these savings can represent as much as 80 percent reduction in price for life- saving operations such as transplants and other critical procedures. Here is a list of procedures and their varying average costs from the United States to India.

  • Bone Marrow Transplant – United States Cost: $250,000 India Cost: $69,000

  • Liver Transplant – United States Cost: $300,000 India Cost: $69,000

  • Heart Surgery – United States Cost: $30,000 India Cost: $8,000

  • Orthopaedic Surgery – United States Cost: $20,000 India Cost: $6,000

All India Youth

All India Youth asked FlightHub about Zika Virus, an emerging illness in South and Central America.

First things first, what is Zika? According to the WHO’s official website, Zika is a disease that is  transmitted through mosquitos, specifically by Aedes mosquitos. These mosquitos were original found in tropical and subtropical areas, but have since spread to almost every continent except for the Antarctic. When bitten by an infected mosquito, those who become ill show signs of mild fever, a skin rash and a symptom known as conjunctivitis, otherwise known as pink eye. The symptoms typically last between 2 and 7 days, and at present date there is no known vaccine.

Flush The Fashion

On a lighter note, FlightHub spoke with Flush The Fashion about catching the best waves in Lisbon!

No matter if you’re a novice surfer, or one that’s been around the block a few times, FlightHub encourages you to adhere to safety procedures while surfing is important at all times. Remember that you’re not the only one in the water, and so you should respect the space and ability of those around you. Always respect the parameters your surf guide tells you, and try not to swim too far out of the water. Remember that it takes a lot of energy to paddle away from the shore, and even more to paddle back.