Momentum Ventures In The News – December 4

This week was a big week for Momentum Ventures and FlightHub in the news. Check out our top postings this week!


TechRadar covered FlightHub’s top European destinations for the holiday travel season. Here is a quick recap of the top destinations according to FlightHub:

  1. London, UK
  2. Paris, France
  3. Dublin, Ireland
  4. Madrid, Spain
  5. Frankfurt, Germany
  6. Rome, Italy
  7. Barcelona, Spain
  8. Manchester, UK
  9. Munich, Germany
  10. Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Times Colonist

The Times Colonist looked at Momentum Ventures and FlightHub’s extremely green perks that they recently made available to their employees. This includes an electric/hybrid vehicle subsidy and transit subsidies for buses and bicycles.

Introduced recently, FlightHub offers its employees an electric and hybrid car subsidy. Essentially what this entails is a 50 per cent subsidy on select electric and hybrid car leases, allowing employees who are on the fence about hybrid or electric cars to truly consider the move from a financial standpoint. FlightHub CEO Matt Keezer believes this perk lowers the barrier of entry for purchasing more environmentally friendly vehicles saying “buying an electric or hybrid car can be a large investment,” adding “we want to make it easier for our employees to take the step towards buying these vehicles for the sake of the environment.”

Digital Journal

Digital Journal reported on FlightHub’s observation that the Canadian Dollar is having a large effect on travel habits.

The Canadian dollar itself has seen a tremendous drop over the course of the last few years, losing almost 20 cents on the American Greenback over the course of the last four years. While the Canadian dollar has an incredibly varied history, it was once worth US$2.78 after the U.S. abandoned the gold standard in 1864, this general drop has effects on Canadians spending habits in the U.S. as an on-par or close dollar makes U.S. travel very affordable for Canadian travelers.