Momentum Ventures In The News – December 18

Momentum Ventures had two brands in the news this week. Both FlightHub and JustFly managed to grab some online attention on some very popular websites.


TechRadar took a look at the Momentum Ventures Challenge, name-dropping FlightHub as an example of the success Momentum Ventures has had in launching businesses.

Keezer, who launched FlightHub in 2012, hopes to connect with the brightest minds in tech, saying “we want not only the best minds on our team, but also people who thrive on hustling to get things done in the online space,” adding “there is no perfect applicant for this position, we need someone who also knows their limitations, and can support those by building an outstanding team around themselves.”


TechVibes looked at JustFly, and how they represent a unique challenge for Momentum Ventures as they enter new and large marketplaces.

JustFly followed the 2012 launch of FlightHub, meaning the JustFly team had two years of experience to look back on when building this new product. Momentum Ventures CEO Matt Keezer believes that the move to the US market was a sound idea, saying “the US travel market is massive,” adding “with so many in-demand destinations it was a no-brainer to attack this market head on using the experience we gathered in launching FlightHub primarily in Canada back in 2012.”


Lastly, Geekwire wrote about the languages that FlightHub recommends you learn before heading out on a backpacking trip.

FlightHub flies travellers all over the word for a myriad of reasons. Some go to take traditional trips to resorts, major cities, and known countries. But, FlightHub has seen an amazing rise in travellers who are flying to kick off extensive backpacking trips. FlightHub reviews best practices for informing travellers about language issues they may face while taking these types of trips, suggesting different solutions to help customers overcome language barriers. In researching this, FlightHub has determined which languages you can learn that have the most widespread benefit when globetrotting.