Momentum Ventures Donating Travel Credit To Montreal Charity

Momentum Ventures has decided to give back to the Montreal community in the form of a $5000 FlightHub travel credit for Montreal-based non-profit organization Overture With The Arts.

About Overture With The Arts

Overture With The Arts is an award-winning charity devoted to education through the arts. As an organization they travel across the country delivering education on social topics such as Black History Month, International Women’s Day, and programs centred around Holocaust education. These programs are offered for free or at low-costs to schools and other facilities. In addition, Overture With The Arts also sponsors arts workshops, giving low-income families the chance to partake in arts training they wouldn’t normally have access to. Unlike other organizations that exist to build social awareness through traditional education, Overture With The Arts does this through various art forms including music, visual arts, dance, and performing arts.


Founded in 2009, Overture With The Arts is a homegrown organization that Momentum Ventures is happy to support. We hope our donation is able to assist this great organization as they raise awareness of critical social issues and expose young people to the arts.