Momentum Ventures Donates $25,500 To Canadian Cancer Society

Momentum Ventures has donated a total of $25,500 to the Canadian Cancer Society. The amount was selected as part of a broader goal to donate $75,000 to worthy causes in 2016, with the final amounts and charities selected by the staff of Momentum Ventures by vote.

In addition to this donation to the Canadian Cancer Society, Momentum Ventures did its part to make sure two local families had a Merry Christmas. Momentum Ventures donated a combined $3,600 to two Montreal families, providing them with winter clothing, toys, transit passes, and other essentials. These two families, one family of six and the other a family of four, were very happy to receive these much needed gifts.

Momentum Ventures CEO Matt Keezer is anticipating more major donations to occur over the course of  2016 saying “Momentum Ventures is committed to donating $75,000 in 2016 to a handful of worthwhile charities,” adding “we are working with our whole team here to determine where exactly they would like to see the money allocated as we want every person here to have a voice in this decision.”



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