Introducing The Momentum Ventures Challenge

As part of Momentum Ventures’ new website, we are very excited to announce the Momentum Ventures challenge. This challenge, which is accessible on our new website, calls out to potential entrepreneurs and business leaders who are looking to become Momentum Ventures’ newest business leader. This business leader would receive a minimum 500K investment in their new venture, along with a full-time, salaried position with Momentum Ventures. Momentum Ventures would also provide a wealth of experience and mentorship for this new business leader, in addition to access to its full suite of support systems.

The Challenge calls on aspiring entrepreneurs to answer a questionnaire on our website outlining their business and real life successes. This challenge isn’t about finding ideas, its about finding winners. One thing we value at Momentum Ventures is a pattern of success both inside and outside the workplace. Ultimately, we believe it is a very critical indicator of future success. The entrant will be obligated to include three such success stories in their challenge entry.

Momentum Ventures Challenge

In addition to these success stories, potential entrepreneurs will also have to outline why they think they can be our next business leader and also answer a philosophical question. This questionnaire, once submitted, will be reviewed by Momentum Ventures with selected participants being contacted for an interview with our leadership group.
Once a candidate successfully makes it through the interview process and is designated as the winner of the challenge, they will begin laying the groundwork for Momentum Ventures’ next winning business. They will be doing this with at least 500K in backing, access to Momentum Ventures’ support system, and the security of a full-time salaried position.

The Challenge is easily accessible for any entrant who wishes to submit their story. Candidates can access the challenge by visiting our website at